October 04, 2010


Thank you for visiting the Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn Coalition Heroes' Memorial. The flags at the top of this site represent most of the nations that have or had troops serving within Iraq; we are working on updating it to include all nations that have sent troops to Iraq or to participate in the Global War on Terror. Not all participating nations have suffered loss of life. Many other nations have contributed to the liberation and rebuilding effort in other ways.

(For a detailed coalition list and other information as of February 2005, see this site by Australian Trevor Stanley.)

The Fallen by Nation

The following coalition nations have lost service members. Select a country to read the names of the dead who have been identified to date:

  • Australia (22 Enduring Freedom deaths, 2 Iraqi Freedom deaths)
  • Azerbaijan (1 Iraqi Freedom death)
  • Bulgaria (13 Iraqi Freedom deaths)
  • Canada (152 Enduring Freedom deaths)
  • Czech Republic (1 Enduring Freedom death)
  • Denmark (30 Enduring Freedom deaths, 7 Iraqi Freedom deaths)
  • Ecuador (1 Enduring Freedom death)
  • Estonia (10 Enduring Freedom deaths, 2 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Fiji (1 Iraqi Freedom death)

  • Finland (1 Enduring Freedom death)

  • France (42 Enduring Freedom deaths)

  • Georgia (5 Enduring Freedom deaths)

  • Germany (29 Enduring Freedom deaths)

  • Hungary (2 Enduring Freedom deaths, 3 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Italy (23 Enduring Freedom deaths, 33 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Kazakhstan (1 Iraqi Freedom death)

  • Latvia (3 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Lithuania (1 Enduring Freedom death)

  • The Netherlands (Holland) (20 Enduring Freedom deaths, 2 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • New Zealand (1 Enduring Freedom death)

  • Norway (9 Enduring Freedom deaths)

  • Poland (18 Enduring Freedom deaths, 20 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Portugal (2 Enduring Freedom deaths)

  • Romania (15 Enduring Freedom deaths, 2 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • El Salvador (5 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Slovakia (1 Enduring Freedom death, 4 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • South Korea (1 Enduring Freedom death)

  • Spain (28 Enduring Freedom deaths, 11 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Sweden (4 Enduring Freedom deaths)

  • Thailand (2 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • Ukraine (18 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

  • United Kingdom (327 Enduring Freedom deaths, 170 Iraqi Freedom deaths)

Most Recent Deaths

Added 10/04/2010

Denmark — Simon Mundt Jorgensen
Georgia — Ramaz Gogiashvili, Nugzar Kalandadze, Giorgi Kolkhitashvili, Mukhran Shukvani, David Tsetskhladze
Hungary — Gyorgy Kolozsvari
Italy — Alessandro Romani
Poland — Kazimierz Kasprzak
Romania — Cristian-Petru Filip, Marius Florin SfecheĊŸ
United Kingdom — Darren Deady, Andrew Griffiths, Suraj Gurung, Andrew Martin Howarth, Andrew James Jones, Joseph McFarlane Pool, Matthew Thomas

Added 09/01/2010

Australia — Tomas Dale, Grant Kirby, Jared MacKinney
Canada — Brian Picksen
Estonia — Herdis Sikka
France — Herve Enaux, Antoine Maury, Lorenzo Mezzasalma, Jean-Nicolas Panezyck
Hungary — Judith Abraham Pappné
Spain — Abraham Leoncia Bravo Picallo, José María Córdoba Galera
United Kingdom — Jordan Dean Bancroft

Added 08/17/2010

Australia — Jason Thomas Brown
Canada — Brian Collier
Denmark — Jimmi Bogebjerg Petersen, Jonas Peter Ploger, Erik Berre Rolandsen
Italy — Pierdavide DeCillis, Mauro Gigli
New Zealand — Timothy Andrew O'Donnell
Poland — Dariusz Tylenda
United Kingdom — Adam Brown, Darren Foster, Ishwor Gurung, Remand Kulung, Dale Alanzo McCallum, Stephen Daniel Monkhouse, Mark Antony Smith, Matthew James Stenton